We look forward to greeting you at the XIX International Botanical Congress in 2017.

Field Trips

FT-01:  Oases on the Tropic of Cancer; Guangdong
FT-02:  Tropical Rain Forest on Hainan Island
FT-03:  North-South Corridor, TypicalEast Asian Monsoon Evergreen Broadleaved Forest; Jiangxi Sanqing Shan and Wuyi Shan, A Gathering Placefor Eastern Asian – North American disjunct genera;Jiangxi and Fujian (pre-conference)
FT-04:  Arid-Humid Transitional Zone in Eastern China; Shandong
FT-05:  Tianmu Shan and Huang Shan, Tertiary Relict Plants and Mixed Broadleaved Forests of Eastern China; Zhejiang, Anhui
FT-06:  Sanqing Shan and Wuyi Shan, A Gathering Area of Eastern Asian – North American disjunction genera; Jiangxi, Fujian
FT-07:  Botanical Curiosities of the Subtropical Broadleaved Forests, Wuling; Hunan
FT-08:  Shennongjia,Relict Flora in Central China; Hubei
FT-09:  Ta-pieh Shan, Watershed in Eastern China; Anhui, Henan and Hubei
FT-10:  Living Fossils: Metasequoia and Traditions of the Tujia and Miao Minorities; Hubei
FT-11:  Temperate Forest Vegetation in Northeast China; Jilin, Heilongjiang
FT-12:  Temperate Grasslands; Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia (pre-conference)
FT-13:  Temperate Forests: Wuling Mountain, Chengde Mountain Resort and Mulan Paddock; Beijing, Hebei
FT-14:  Taihang Mountains; Beijing, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan (pre-conference)
FT-15:  Qinling Mountains, Boundary between Temperate and Subtropical China; Shaanxi
FT-16:  Biodiversity of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; Qinghai (pre-conference)
FT-17:  Three Parallel Rivers Region, Hengduan Mountains; Yunnan
FT-18:  Hotspots of Plant diversity, Central to Southern Yunnan
FT-19:  Typical Karst Flora; Guangxi
FT-20:  Biodiversity of the Subalpine Region of Northwest Sichuan
FT-21:  Investigation of Nature and Culture in the Karst Areas of Southeast Yunnan
FT-22:  Nu Jiang (Nu River = Salween River) Grand Valley and Southern Gaoligong Shan; Western Yunnan
FT-23:  Qingcheng Shan – Dujiangyan Scenic Area, Emei Shan, Le shan Scenic Area, and Giant Panda; Sichuan
FT-24:  Hot, Dry Valleys and Lowland to Alpine Vegetation; Sichuan, Yunnan
FT-25:  Gateway to the Tibetan Highlands; Western Sichuan
FT-26:  Vegetation and plants in typical limestone and Danxia Landform, Guizhou, SW China

NOTE: Shan1: Mountain     Xian2: County      Jiang3: River      He4: River