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Diamond Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship

Silver Sponsorship

Graded Sponsorship Benefits List of the 19th International Botanical Congress

Benefits Diamond Sponsorship (no less than CNY 2 million)
Platinum Sponsorship (CNY 500,000) Gold Sponsorship (CNY 300,000) Silver Sponsorship (CNY 100,000) Notes
Exclusive Naming Rights of the Welcoming Buffet hosted by the Committee (Hall 2 in SZCEC)  
Advertisement at Welcoming Buffet (Design and production cost to be paid by sponsor.)  
Gala Dinner advertisement in Grand China Sheraton Hotel (tentatively scheduled on the evening of July 26, 2017, advertisement design and production cost to be paid by the sponsor)  
Advertisement in Public Area (to be determined, advertising design and production cost to be paid by the sponsor)  
Logo on Backdrop Board in the North Square of the Convention Center  
Logo on Publicity Board  
Logo on Backdrop Board of Welcoming Buffet  
Logo on Backdrop Board of Gala Dinner in the Grand China Sheraton Hotel  
Sponsor's Logo on IBC2017 Abstract Book and Advertisement Inside 1P 1/2P 1/4P 1/8P  
Sponsor's Logo on Congress Brochure and Advertisement Inside 1P 1/2P 1/4P 1/8P  
Video Playback (To be provided by sponsor) 90S 60S 30S  
Logo Placement on Official Website with link to Sponsor  
Free Exhibition Booth Area 36 M2 18 M2 9 M2 9 M2  
Free Registration Quota 4 3 2 1  
VIP Seats in Welcoming Ceremony 3 2 1 1  
Gala Dinner Seats in Grand China Sheraton Hotel 2 1 1 1  
Communicate with scientists and presence in group photo  
Opening / Closing Ceremony guest seats 5 3 2 2  

Note: The above indicates financial support. The currency unit is CNY (Yuan). In-kind sponsorship also refers to this table after the material value is assessed by a third party. Please make sure that everything is subject to the updated version. For individualized negotiations, please refer to this table. Final decisions shall prevail.

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