We look forward to greeting you at the XIX International Botanical Congress in 2017.



The sole hotel service provider designated for IBC 2017: Newview (Shenzhen) M.I.C.E Service Co., Ltd.

Reservation Tel.: 86-755-82157318;

Reservation e-mail: ibc2017@nvmice.com

Room rates are subject to availability at the time of reservation or check-in and to other factors. Final rates shall be subject to the confirmation of the hotel upon successful payment. Room availability may be limited at the time of the meeting, so early booking is highly recommended.

Service hours: China time: 09:00-18:00 Monday through Friday

. Hotel

Hotel reservation: Online booking shall be available from: 25 November 2016

1. Online booking: Book your room by completing your personal information on the hotel booking page of IBC 2017's official website (www.ibc2017.cn/).

2. Reservation by email: Please fill in the '2017IBC Hotel Reservation Form' and send it to the email address at ibc2017@nvmice.com. We will reply within 24 hours on working days upon our receipt of your email.

3. Please ensure that the personal information provided when making your reservation is consistent with the information shown on your valid ID document, which you shall be required to provide when you check in.

4. All bookings shall be available on the entire room basis only.

5. Discounted room rates shall apply to bookings fully paid before 31 May 2017.

Ⅱ. Payment options

1. Online payment: Book your room and pay on the hotel booking page of IBC 2017's official website. A commission equivalent to 2% (if you pay from inside mainland China) or 4.9%+0.3 dollars (if you pay from outside mainland China) of the sum of your payment shall be charged.

2. Offline: Please remit payment to the following bank account within three business days after you receive our confirmation of your reservation and send the remittance voucher to ibc2017@nvmice.com.

Account Name: Newview (Shenzhen) M.I.C.E Service Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 4000024909200049516

Opening Bank: ICBC Shenzhen Taiwan Garden Sub-branch

3. In person payment over the counter: A credit card guarantee of payment shall be required upon our e-mail confirmation of your reservation made by email.

Hotel deposit: A deposit equal to the rate for the first night shall be paid for any reservation. Should you cancel the reservation, the deposit shall not be refunded.

Ⅲ. Reservation successful

Upon receipt of your payment, we shall send a '2017IBC Hotel Reservation Confirmation Letter' to all participants by email. Please print the letter and bring it with you as it shall be the only proof of your reservation when you check into our hotel.


Online and offline payments:

For foreign participants: We shall issue a receipt for the actual amount paid by foreign participants.

For domestic participants:

1. We shall provide a VAT general invoice issued by Newview (Shenzhen) M.I.C.E Service Co., Ltd titled 'Fee for Room Reservation by Proxy.' If a VAT special invoice is required, an extra 6% tax shall be charged.

2. The invoice for room rates shall be issued by the hotel.

Payment over the counter: An invoice shall be issued upon payment.

Recommended reservation time:

Considering the peak summer tourist season when the conference will be held and the number of participants, it is highly recommended that you book your room before 31 May 2017. Reservations shall be subject to hotel room availability after that date.

Ⅳ. Change policy

All reservation changes must be sent by email to ibc2017@nvmice.com and be confirmed by us via email.

Change of occupants: Should there be any change of occupants, please inform us by email of the persons who will stay in the hotel. A confirmation letter acknowledging such change and the valid ID documents of the occupants must be presented upon check-in.

Change in arrival or departure date: Any changes in the arrival or departure dates shall be subject to the status of the hotel reservation on or before 1 July 2017. After 1 July 2017, no early check-out shall be accepted and any departure date extension shall be subject to occupancy at the time of such request. All changes shall be subject to our final confirmation and all exchange rate differences (if any) and fees (10-20% of the refunded amount) in connection with any refund due to such changes shall be borne by the participant(s).

Ⅴ. Cancellation policy

No cancellation shall be valid unless it is sent by email to ibc2017@nvmice.com and confirmed by us via email.

Online payment: No cancellation can be made after 31 May 2017 and all exchange rate risks (if any) and fees (10-20% of the refunded amount) in connection with any refund due to cancellation on or before such date shall be borne by the participant(s).

Payment over the counter: Cancellation on or before 15 June 2017 shall be acceptable, but the room rate of the first night shall be non-refundable. Cancellation after 15 June 2017 shall not be accepted. Full payment of room rates will be debited to the credit card of the participant(s) for cancellations made after 15 June 2017.

All changes or cancellations shall be subject to our final confirmation in writing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Ⅵ. Hotel check-in / check-out

Check-in time: after 15:00 pm on the check-in date

09:00 am-15:00 pm: early check-in shall be subject to room occupancy at the time of arrival.

0:00 am-09:00 am: if you arrive during this time and wish to check in, we suggest that you book one extra night in advance and indicate your arrival time on the Hotel Reservation Form so that we let the hotel know.

Check-out time: the latest check-out time is 12:00 noon. Should you stay beyond that time, a half day's room rate shall apply if you check out before 18:00, or a full day's room rate shall apply if you check out after 18:00.

Hotel charges: No hotel charges are included in the room rates. Hotel guests shall be kindly asked to leave a deposit at the hotel front desk and will be held responsible for all charges incurred by them during their stay in the hotel.