We look forward to greeting you at the XIX International Botanical Congress in 2017.


Guidelines for Submitting Resolutions to XIX International Botanical Congress

Resolutions for consideration by the XIX International Botanical Congress can be submitted by (1) any official meeting of the Congress (symposia, workshops, society meetings, or all-Congress events), provided that the resolution is supported within the group, made in writing, and signed by the chair; or (2) any group of 10 or more registered members of the Congress (submitted in writing and supported by all in the group). In both cases, the resolution is submitted to the Resolutions Committee for consideration by emailing to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, Dr. Jun Wen ([email protected]). All resolutions approved by the Committee will be handed out at the Closing Session of the Congress.   The Resolutions Committee can also develop its own resolutions, and/or can modify/develop/expand upon any resolution that is submitted for consideration, or in collaboration with the submitting group or individual.

Finally, any duly registered member of the Congress could, at the Closing Session, propose a resolution, provided that it is seconded and approved by the assembly.

All resolutions will be presented to the Closing Session, debated and discussed among the delegates, and approved by the Assembly.

Deadline for submitting resolutions: July 28, 2017.