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FT-23: Qingcheng Shan – Dujiangyan Scenic Area, Emei Shan, Le shan Scenic Area, and Giant Panda; Sichuan

Date: July 30-August 03, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-120
Price: ¥7,580

Difficulty degree: ★★★

Hui-Min SHAO [email protected]


This trip will explore several world heritage sites in Sichuan province, including Qingcheng Shan and Dujiangyan scenic area, Emei Shan, Le Shan scenic area, and the giant panda center. The panda is the world's biodiversity conservation flagship species. On the first day we will visit the Chengdu giant panda breeding research base, a world famous wildlife research institute. On the same day in the afternoon, we will arrive at Dujiangyan city to visit the Dujiangyan irrigation project, which is composed of three main projects; the Fish Mouth Water-Dividing Dam, the Flying Sand Fence, and the Bottle-Neck Channel. On the second day we will visit Qingcheng Shan, where we can see evergreen broadleaf forests with Machilus sichuanensisi, a Dujiangyan endemic species, and Acer guanense, its companion species. These two species provide a unique value to the forest community. We will spend three days exploring the Emei Shan – Le Shan scenic area to experience the magnificent natural landscape and a complete system of subtropical vegetation. Emei Shan is rich in plants due to its special geography, geology and climate. The 3703 species in 280 families and 1271 genera of higher plants account for about one third of all the plants in Sichuan and one tenth of the nation's total. It is unusual that so many plants exist in such a small area. The final stop, by boat, will be to the Le Shan giant Buddha to explore China's largest cliff carved stone statue. Le Shan, along with Emei Shan, was listed as World Natural and Cultural Heritage SITE in 1996. After observing the giant Buddha at Le Shan, we will return to Chengdu by bus.

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