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FT-20: Biodiversity of the Subalpine Region of Northwest Sichuan

Date: July 30-August 07, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-30
Price: ¥10,380

Difficulty degree: ★★★★

Yun-Dong GAO [email protected]


This trip explores the rich plant diversity and vegetation types in the upper Min River valley, including hot valley shrubs, subalpine coniferous forests, alpine thickets and alpine meadows. The first stop will be in Li Xian. We will travel to Dujiangyan and Taoping Qiang village. During the trip we will investigate hot valley vegetation in the upper Min River valley, where the dominant species are Sophora davidii, Bauhinia brachycarpa, Campylotropis wilsonii, Excoecaria acerifolia, Berberis wilsoniae, Caryopteris, Incarvillea and Barnardia japonica. The second stop will be to Zhegu Shan, a mountain that harbors a high level of plant diversity and where the  vertical stratification of the vegetation is clear. At the third stop in Hongyuan Xian, we will travel to Daoba Grassland, Moon Bay, and the first bend of the Yellow River. During the trip, we can investigate different types of alpine vegetation. At the fourth stop in Zoige, we will investigate alpine wetland plants, such as species of Hippuris, Myriophyllum, Potamogeton, Juncus, Carex, Poa, and Ranunculus. In addition, we will visit the alpine wetland ecological research station of the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Zoige. The fifth stop will be Jiuzhaigou, the most visited national park in China and a kingdom of alpine plants. We will sightsee by bus and investigate the diversity of vegetation type and plant species. At the sixth stop, Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, we will visit Huanglong on foot or by bus, mainly to investigate the orchids. This area is home to about 70 species of orchids, such as Cypripedium sichuanense, C. flavum, C. tibeticum, Orchis, Calanthe, Crepidium, Goodyera and so on. In addition to the flora and vegetation, we will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and experience true Tibetan and Qiang culture.

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