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FT-07: Botanical Curiosities of the Subtropical Broadleaved Forests, Wuling; Hunan

Date: July 30-August 05, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-30
Price: ¥7,480

Difficulty degree: ★★★★★

Li-Hong YAN [email protected]


This trip explores the abundant plant and animal resources of the Wulingyuan district of Hunan in southeastern China. First, we visit Tianmen Shan with its vast stretches of original natural forest containing Davidia involucrata and other broadleaved trees. The second station, Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has one of the best preserved plant zones, dating back to the ice age. We will experience epiphytic plants in the natural landscape in Yuanjiajie and see the world's second largest cave, Huanglong cave, and typical karst landforms in Zhangjiajie in northwestern Hunan. We will tour the Grand Canyon, a natural and cultural landscape and wildlife nature reserve, then tour Badagong Shan, which are referred to as ‘green treasure houses’ , ‘natural museums’ , ‘gene pool of rare species’ , and ‘natural Chinese medicine library’ . More than 50 plants here are CITES listed.

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