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FT-01: Oases on the Tropic of Cancer; Guangdong

Date: July 30-August 03, 2017
Number of passengers: 10-30
Price: ¥3,680

Difficulty degree: ★★★

Yi-Jun HUANG [email protected]


This trip in Guangdong Province will include a number of oases on the Tropic of Cancer. The main climate here is subtropical, warm and humid. The trip provides an excellent introduction to the diversity of plants in the Danxia (sandstone and conglomerate formations) and karst landforms. The first site will be Dinghu Shan Nature Reserve. Dinghu Shan is not only rich in vegetation, but also a famous Buddhist shrine. The relict Alsophila spinulosa, which is known as a ‘living fossil,’ and more than 20 key national protected rare and endangered plants occur here. The second station, Nanling National Nature Reserve, located in northern Guangdong Province, encompasses the only primeval forest in Guangdong, the highest peak in Guangdong, and a wealth of flora and fauna. We will spend two days here. Finally, we will explore the Danxia Mountain Nature Reserve, a World Natural Heritage site in northeastern Guangdong Province. Danxia is a geological site of unusual landforms composed of red sedimentary sandstone and conglomerates. The rugged landscape, too difficult for traditional agriculture, has helped to conserve the subtropical broadleaved evergreen forests and many plants and animals, including about 400 species that are considered to be rare or threatened. Besides the unique native plants of Danxia, such notable geological formations as Yangyuanshi, Yinyuanshi, and other unique natural formations, can also be seen.

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