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Most Important Features of the First Nomenclature
Section in China Come Out

The Bureau of Nomenclature of IBC 2017 held a working meeting on 15 June 2016 in the beautiful garden of Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. Most Chinese members of the IAPT Nomenclature Committee were invited to attend the meeting. Staff from Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden and Shenzhen Office for Preparing IBC 2017 also attend the meeting. Sandra Knapp (President) and Nicholas J. Turland (Rapporteur-général) addressed the meeting. Li De-zhu (Vice-president) chaired the discussion session.

Although nomenclature is a very old subject, its influence is far-reaching and not outdated at all. It was just this Nomenclature Section of the last congress in Melbourne the outcome of which thrill whole congress and covered by all sort of media as something important to general public. As the last meeting made such an important influence, people would like to expect what will come out from this one in China.

Many proposals had been discussed on the meeting. Among those proposals, what could become the major features of this Nomenclature Section are proposals for online organism name registration and live webcast of the meeting. It could be expected that this Nomenclature Section will thill the congress again.