We look forward to greeting you at the XIX International Botanical Congress in 2017.


First circular of the XIX IBC issued on July 23, 2015

On July 23, 2015, two years before the opening of the XIX IBC, the organizing committee of the Congress held a press conference in the office building of the Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau to announce the issuance of the first circular. The Congress Secretary Generals, Dr. Song Ge and Mr. Ting-Feng Zhu, and the Deputy Secretary Generals, Dr. Guo-Bin Wang and Dr. Hong-Wen Huang, together with staff members of the congress secretariat attended the meeting.

Dr. Song Ge spoke about the content of the first circular and the makeup of the scientific program and advisory committees. One third of the committee members are leading scientists from abroad.

Mr. Ting-Feng Zhu spoke mainly on other aspects of the preparations for the Congress, including financing, personnel, organization, and other resources necessary for the preliminary work.

The meeting was attended by reporters from 18 different media organizations, including TV, radio, newspapers and the web, from Shenzhen and Hong Kong and was covered widely by the local media.

The first circular has been published on the website.