We look forward to greeting you at the XIX International Botanical Congress in 2017.

LV-1A Fairy Lake Botanical Garden (FREE)

Time: 13:30-18:00, Monday to Friday
Duration: 4.5 hours

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1983 and first opened to the public in 1988. The botanical garden occupies 546 ha in the eastern suburb of Luohu District, Shenzhen. Fairy lake Botanical Garden grows about 8500 species of plants, both native and introduced. During the tour, you will be led by experts from Fairy Lake Botanical Garden to several special gardens, including the Cycad Germplasm Resource Conservation Center, Butterfly Valley, Shade Plant Garden, Magnolia Garden, Rare Plant Garden, Palm Garden, Bamboo Garden, Desert Landscape Garden, Orchard Garden, Aquatic Garden, Peach Blossom Garden, Gymnosperm Garden, Miniscape Garden. Fairy Lake Botanical Garden has the nation’s largest collection of Cycas revoluta and ferns. It is also home to an abundance of mosses. China’s first bryophyte nursery was established here at Fairy Lake.

Gentle reminder:

Important: after entering the Botanical Gardens, Congress delegates should be mindful of Botanical Gardens’ regulations. It is not permitted to collect samples of the flora on display.

Please heed the guidance provided by employees of the Gardens on your visit.

Those attendees who would rather not participate in the group’s planned activities, are responsible for their own safety for the period when they are not present in the group. We will provide assistance in the event of any difficulties, but will not be liable for any unforeseen circumstances.

No meals are included during the entire trip.

Shenzhen can be very hot in midsummer, delegates should be aware of the risk of sunburn and heatstroke.

Liability insurance has been purchased from the travel agency. In the event of any incident for which the travelagency is liable, all tourists will be insured up to a maximum amount of RMB ¥800,000.

In the event of extreme weather, traffic conditions, and all other uncontrollable factors, the timing and layout of the itinerary described may undergo alterations. In the interests of safety, the Congress Organizing Committee has the authority to make sudden changes or cancellations to the itinerary in accordance with circumstances.

For more local tours (Charge/NOT FREE) provided by SHENZHEN NICE TOUR CHUANG JING INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE CO.,LTD, please come to on-site registration point (tourist service) on the second floor of the Shenzhen Convention &Exhibition Centre.