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Exhibition Information and Booth Application

1. Overview of the Exhibitions

Exhibitions are an important part of the 19th International Botanical Congress. The purpose of the exhibitions is to demonstrate the latest research achievements in the botanical sciences, to strengthen exchange and cooperation within the botanical sciences worldwide and to promote the formulation and implementation of major research strategies in the field. The Exhibitions, both commercial and public, will be held at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Shenzhen. The commercial exhibitions will focus on the global reach of China and will feature biotechnology companies, science publishers, manufacturers of scientific instruments, universities and research institutions, botanical gardens, museums, producers of herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals and other scientific research institutions and products. During the time of the exhibitions, the State Forestry Administration, China Botanical Garden Union, Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens and other agencies will also organize a public exhibition to demonstrate China's achievements in biodiversity conservation, botanical art, mosses, studies of the Gesneriaceae and others.

2. Exhibition Fee and Booth Layout

The commercial exhibitions of 19th International Botanical Congress are located in the Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen.It will be divided into two areas. There will be 100 booths (9 square meters each) in the standard booth area. The special booth is located on the first floor in Hall No. 2. with 24 booths(more than 36 square meters each).

Standard Booth
(9 square meters)
 Yuan (RMB) 12,000/9 Square Meters
(Reservation by 31 March 30 April 2017)
 Yuan (RMB) 15,000/ 9 Square Meters
(Reservation after 31 March 30 April 2017)
Special Booth
(36 square meters)
 Yuan (RMB) 1,000/Square Meter
(Reservation by 31 March 30 April 2017)
 Yuan (RMB) 1,200/Square Meter
(Reservation after 31 March 30 April 2017)

* Note

1. Standard booths include exhibition racks, carpet, fascia board, one table, two chairs, one waste bin, one 220 volt, 5 amp power socket and two spotlights.
2. The secondary move-in of standard booths and the arrangement of special booths are required to be implemented by a company specified by the congress.

3. Exhibitor Application Procedures and Selection Standards

* Exhibitor Application Procedures:

Exhibitor Selection Standards:

1. Qualifications: Industry leader, adequate funding, good development prospects and good credibility.
2. Accountability: Adequate, advanced and reliable products and technologies and service support.
3. Brand: Institutional brand and image in accordance with the concept of the Botanical Congress.
4. Promotion: Sufficient publicity and promotion funds conducive to the promotion of the International Botanical Congress.

4. Venue of the Exhibitions

The Convention and Exhibition Center is the largest individual building in Shenzhen, covering an area of 220,000 square meters, with a length of 540 meters from east to west and a width of 282 meters from north to south. The 60 meters tall building consists of six floors above ground and three floors below ground. The German architects who designed the building perfectly integrated the steel structure with the glass dome and curtain walls. The center has been called the 'Crystal Palace' for its glamorous view at night. It has powerful functions and advanced technologies for holding exhibitions and conventions. The exhibition center includes 8 exhibition halls, 25 meeting rooms and 3 catering areas, all provided with excellent services.

The Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the city center and is regarded as a landmark in the central business district. The area is associated with a good public transportation network, with the Riverfront Expressway to the south and a connection to the ports, harbors and highways. It is about a 30 minute drive from the Shenzhen Railway Station and only a 40 minute drive from the Shenzhen Airport. The municipal underground pathway offers convenient access from the Convention Center to the corresponding Metro station for lines 1 and 4. Additionally, more than 10 bus routes serve the station of the convention center.

Shenzhen Convention Center is conveniently located near many hotels with a range of star ratings, shopping malls, city centers and business circles, such as the Huaqiangbei Commercial District. It is also adjacent to various cultural and leisure centers, such as the Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen Book Mall, Lotus Hill Park and so on.

5. Booth Application Form

Company Name (seal)* Legal Representative
/ General Manager*
Contact/ Position* Tel/Cell Phone*
E-mail* Fax*
Website* Postcode*
Exhibit Contents*   
Title of Exhibits*
Total Fees RMB (Yuan)
Note Due to limited space, we will arrange the booths according to the order of the application forms received. Please fill in the form carefully and click to submit, we will contact you to confirm a booth.


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