We look forward to greeting you at the XIX International Botanical Congress in 2017.


Booth Confirmation Process

For all registered foreign exhibitors, please follow the procedure below.

1.Select Booths

Due to the limited booths, we will release the floor plan and the booth confirmation form online. We will send the real-time information about booth application to exhibitors through e-mail according to the sequences of their proposals. Based on that information, the exhibitors can choose preferred booths freely.

2. Reserve Booths

After selecting the booths, please read carefully and fill in the booth confirmation form. Make sure to send the scanned document of the signed booth confirmation to us through email. We will confirm the booth information according to the above information.

3. Complete Payment

The exhibitors must complete the payment according to the specific time on the booth confirmation form.Once the payment is completed, please send the electronic receipt through email.If we do not receive your payment and any explanation within ten working days, the booth reservation will be cancelled.

4.Confirm Booths

When we receive the exhibition fee, a notification of  exhibition registration will be sent to you through email. We will confirm your booth according to the above information.

To ensure the process of booth confirmation can go through successfully. The exhibitors must provide the valid information. If you have any questions, please contact us at  exhibition@ibc2017.cn.

IBC 2017 Secretariat